Timeless Designs: Traditional Chesterfield Sofas

Why Buy Chesterfield Sofas from Nassau Furniture?

Traditional Chesterfield sofas are no doubt a classic design and icon of high social status!

Chesterfield sofas can be defined as any sofa with a back and arms of the same height. From this base design, you’ll find countless varieties of quality sofas to choose at Nassau Furniture Discount Furniture stores NYC! Whatever you decide, you’ll want your sofa to feel plush and durable at the same times. And, it should come at the right price!

When it comes to cleaning, wipe your sofa regularly with a damp cloth and, every few months, use moisturizer to prevent the drying out of the leather.

History of the Chesterfield Sofas

Mysterious Origins

Originally, chesterfield just meant sofa or a piece of furniture. Furniture makers Fleming Howland, for example, won the copyrights to the name in 1780. Although, they existed before this time, and the classic name remains a mystery.

Some say the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Lord Phillip Stanhope (1694-1773), commissioned them for his estate. As a self-acclaimed fashion expert and trend setter, Lord Stanhope wanted a chair that would not wrinkle the outfit of a gentleman. While on a deathbed, he allegedly mentioned the chair in the presence of his servant and a presence of his friend. It was not clear if he wanted his friend to sit down or he wanted to give him the chair as a gift. Was this the reason to call sofa “chesterfield”? This tale is, of course, just legend, but it lived on and continued to this day.

Chesterfield Buttons

People in Victorian England found the deep-buttoning on furniture very fashionable in the 18th century. However, traditional Chesterfield sofa fabric of that time was velvet, not leather. Back 200 years, you could find beautiful Chesterfields in pubs, gentleman’s clubs, and lofty estates of the aristocratic!

Those prominent buttons have an interesting and surprising origin. Apparently, the designers created the buttons to intentionally make the more uncomfortable. Buttons were developed to make chairs uncomfortable. The furniture sellers would showcase these expensive coaches in their shop. As crowds of customers piled in the store, they faced some natural deterioration. Eventually, someone decided to place the iconic buttons to people from sitting on Chesterfields for too long.

Traditional Chesterfield furniture is still popular in around the world. Particularly, velvet Chesterfields have been increasing in popularity.

Are Chesterfield Sofas Comfortable?

If you decide to buy a traditional Chesterfield set, it does not mean you have to step into the past regarding comfort. Your level of comfort is somewhat subjective, but Chestfields come in a wide range of materials. Whether you prefer a firm or more plush sofa, we have it all at Nassau Furniture!

Today, manufacturers incorporate many contemporary elements into their products. For example, some improve the traditional design by integrating a subtly angled back. This design provides lower back support, which is critical for relaxing on the sofa for a longer period. It also eliminates the need for pillows.

The foam material also plays a pivotal role in a Chesterfield’s comfort. The sofa may look good, but low-grade foam will ruin the material over time. You could choose a Chesterfield with foam slightly firmer than fiber. This filling will hold the shape. Feather and foam lining is an attractive feature in providing optimal comfort that maintains style. Another option is multi-density foam filling wrapped in a feather blend. Such filing offers a sturdy appeal and durable build. Ideally, you want a sofa you lay back and sink into it!

How To Clean Chesterfield Sofas

If you want your Chesterfield to maintain its quality look, take a good care of it. Looking after your traditional leather chesterfield sofas should be a straightforward process.

Every week, use a soft cloth to soak the sofa in warm water. You should also use a simple duster or rag to remove any buildup of dust. Alternatively, you could try to use a vacuum cleaner, but be careful not to damage the finish!

If you have traditional leather Chesterfield set, heat may dry out the material. Treat your couch with an expert leather creamer. It will work to rehydrate the leather. Moisturiser will restore the soft, smooth feel of your Chesterfield. If you opt for cleaner products, try to find one made specifically for aniline leather. Read instructions carefully.

Never use abrasive materials on your sofa. To reduce grime, gently dust your Chesterfield on a regular basis. Every five to six months treat the leather with approved cleaning product and keep your sofa out of natural light. Otherwise, your sofa’s leather quality may fade and develop cracks.

Buying Chesterfield Sofas

When purchasing your Chesterfield, or any other furniture, quality should come first. If your budget is tight, do the best you can to obtain what’s right for you. Buying cheap furniture can cost you more in the long term because of the need to pay repairs and replacements. Excellent, high-grade furniture will last years, if not decades!

When buying a Chestfield, you should consider:

  • Sofas with a crease more than a half inch
  • The type of leather. Choose aniline over demic, since it has more durability, being made from a solid piece rather than a patchwork of stitchings.
  • The level and comfort of padding that suits your preference
  • Whether the nails are polished, which indicates authentic Chesterfield design

Feel free to give us a quick call at (516) 208-4411, and we’ll sort out the best sofa style for you!

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